ModSync® Sequencing System

ModSync is a new kind of boiler sequencing system with updated control philosophies and a user-friendly interface, designed to take advantage of condensing technology. Backed by over 60 years of system design and engineering experience, ModSync has been designed to maximize the efficiency of your boiler or heater system.

Intelligent Lead/Lag

Lead/lag designs are used with multiple boiler installations to maintain an even number of operating cycles and run hours across all of the boilers in the system. Traditional sequencing systems rotate the boilers based on a random time schedule. This control technique is flawed in that it does not take into account any operational history of the boilers in the loop.

Boiler Room with ModSync

ModSync solves this issue through a patent-pending intelligent lead/lag technology that automatically assigns the lead/lag positions based on each boiler’s operating history, keeping a consistent number of cycles/run hours across all stages. ModSync's intelligent Lead/Lag technology provides peace of mind that your boiler or heater system is being controlled and operated to its optimal potential.

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ModSync Models

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