ModSync® Features

The ModSync combines sophisticated control capabilities with a user-friendly, easily configured touchscreen interface. A "Question and Answer" setup feature eliminates the guesswork and simplifies system start-up.

Additional features include:

  • Outdoor Reset

    The system setpoint is automatically adjusted based on outdoor temperature. Warmer outdoor temperatures lower the hydronic loop setpoint, increasing system efficiency.

  • Setback Scheduling

    The loop setpoint can be configured to change based on occupancy of the building. This allows for automatic switchover to lower operating temperatures during off hours such as nights, weekends and holidays.

  • System Interface Flexibility

    The ModSync can be custom programmed by in-house specialists to match your most demanding system design requirements, eliminating "canned logic" limitations.

  • Multiple Setpoint Modes

    Easily select between ModSync Outdoor Reset, Remote Setpoint (4-20 mA, 0–10 VDC), E/BMS Communication or Manual setpoint modes through the ModSync touchscreen.

  • Trending Data

    Key variables such as Supply Temperature, Return Temperature and Setpoint can be trended to show system response and performance data.

  • Alarm Status and History

    Alarm status is easily communicated with a text description of the current alarm. No alarm code deciphering or cross-referencing is required. The Alarm History features provide a date and time stamp of any recent alarm conditions.

  • Building Integration

    The ModSync can be configured to communicate with Energy/Building Management Systems using Modbus, BACnet, Lonworks or N2 protocols.

  • Mobile Monitoring with inSite

    Remote access capabilities with inSite allow the ModSync to be monitored and configured using any web enabled device. Smart-phone compatibility provides another solution for monitoring system variables.

  • Mobile Alerts

    A text message or email can be sent to as many as six users if an alarm condition occurs. Mobile alerts are available with any inSite system.

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