ModSync Sequencing Control

Multiple boiler control simplified

More than 60 years of boiler system design experience went into the development of the ModSync® Sequencing System. ModSync provides the most efficient and effective operation of multiple boiler stages in a common boiler plant.

ModSync utilizes advanced logic algorithms to ensure that each boiler in the system is controlled at its highest efficiency point while matching the system heating requirements.

inSite for ModSync

System & performance information
at your fingertips

inSite® for ModSync® provides real-time access to any ModSync controlled boiler room. Monitor boiler parameters, review system dynamics, and even adjust ModSync variables using this sleek, user-friendly web interface.

inSite makes it easier than ever to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

Engineered Control Module(ECM)

HVAC / process controls designed
to meet your unique needs.

Developed with customization in mind, the ECM Series provide proportional–integral–derivative (PID) functionality with user-defined logic to meet control system requirements outside of traditional “off-the-shelf” devices. Color touch-screen HMI technology is used to display system information and configure control parameters.

Spotlight Energy Management

Synex SpotlightTM

Spotlight is a customized solution which coordinates building environmental and lighting systems for increased efficiencies.

Spotlight is achievable and affordable for small to mid-sized commercial office buildings and manufacturing facilities.

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